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Postcards from Tuscany

Postcards from Tuscany, is a section of the main newsletter Letters from Tuscany. Postcards is weekly, free and everyone can leave a comment.

Essays & Open Thread

Welcome to the Letters from Tuscany community. Please introduce yourself here and share your story! - Open thread to everyone

Our brand new food writing course is live on Domestika - Learn how to Share Home Recipes with The World

My biggest failures in the kitchen - Failing big, failing often, to improve as a home cook.

My love for food and an ordinary life - When I was told I would have never succeeded if I didn’t move abroad, my biggest fear started manifesting itself: was I too provincial?

I have no intention to set intentions - The new year and the absence of resolutions | A new cookbook crush: Via Carota | A new recipe: ricotta cheesecake with dark chocolate hazelnut spread

The evolution of (my) food writing - A 14 year old blog and why on Substack I am the food writer I want to be

Don't underestimate a recipe - A recipe is a blend of poetry, science, and political activism.

On testing and writing new recipes - When I stopped writing a simple account of what was happening in my kitchen, and started focusing on what might be happening in your kitchen

We are (dreaming of) renovating our home kitchen - Plus the story of a marble table that has been in my family since the 1940s

Every Day is Pasta Day? - A collection of links, cookbooks, and newsletters for all the pasta lovers out there

An ode to Ada Boni - Ada Boni, a pioneering Italian food writer

Our Southern roots - A collection of links inspired by our Southern roots: you’ll find something to cook, something to listen to, and something to read.

Ask me anything - A post for you to ask me anything: cookbooks, cooking classes, cooking tips, food writing, anything!

Ask me anything, summer edition - A quick post for you to ask me anything: where to go/eat in Tuscany, cookbooks, cooking classes, cooking tips, food writing, anything!

Do you have a favourite recipe for Spring? - A collection of Spring recipes

Christmas Menu Thread - What are you going to cook for Christmas?

What are we reading for the holidays? - An unusual festive post. I’m not telling you what you could read or gift, but what I am planning to read for the holidays.

Anatomy of a bread salad - Different bread salads of the Italian cucina povera through their ingredients, traditions, and recipes.

Vegetables, the Italian way - Vegetables in restaurants and vegetables at home | Italian vegetables: overcooked or long cooked? | What it takes to develop a recipe | Zucchini sauce for pasta

Tomato varieties in a Tuscan market - Ciliegini, datterini, Costoluti Fiorentini, cuore di bue, Canestrini, San Marzano: all the tomato varieties, and the most delicious recipes you can make with them

Parmigiano Reggiano, one of the first examples of the Made in Italy brand - A visit to a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy to discover the three ingredients (plus two) that make Parmigiano Reggiano unique

Q&A for a new beginning - Don't be shy. Let us know in the comments what makes you love Letters from Tuscany, what conviced you to subscribe, and what you would like to change or add instead.

Your must-have ingredient in your pantry - Open thread to everyone

Which is your favourite fresh pasta? - Open thread to everyone

Talking about comfort food - Open thread for paid subscribers only

Let's talk cookbooks - Open thread for paid subscribers only

Your best holidays - Open thread to everyone

Autumn cooking and baking - Open thread for paid subscribers only

Magnets on a fridge

Magnets on a fridge #1 - A random collection of links, books, and recipes

Magnets on a Fridge #2 - Easter edition - A random collection of links, books, and recipes

Magnets on a Fridge #3 - A random collection of links, books, and recipes

Magnets on a Fridge #4 - Summer - A random collection of links, books, and recipes

Other people's pantries

Q&A with Francesca Giovannini. Other people's pantries - Francesca Giovannini and her essential van pantry | Cooking ciambotta, a Summer vegetable stew, in her van kitchen.

A week dedicated to Abruzzo and a pantry Q&A with Domenica Marchetti - Plus two recipes for you, including Domenica's Wine Cookies for Dipping

Q&A with Laura Ottaviantonio. Other people's pantries - Laura Ottaviantonio, her recipes and stories between Abruzzo, Rome and the countryside | A gluten-free, inclusive pantry | Abruzzo amaretti cookies

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Manuela Conti - A baker, and a mother who is half cook and half farmer with a sustainable pantry in Brianza

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Rossella Venezia - A food photographer who bakes bread and loves almonds, honey, flour and cookies | A pantry between Marche, Rome and Basilicata, and a strong French influence

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Myriam Sabolla - The life and pantry of a cook and professional organiser in Milan, plus a recipe for the Ligurian farinata and Myriam's preserved lemons

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Enrica Monzani - Talking about her cooking classes in Genoa, Liguria, an all-around pantry and her love for fresh herbs.

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Vea Carpi - Vea is a mountain farmer and a cook, she lives in a mountain farm in the Italian Alps where she has an agritourism with her family

Theme: Pantry

Pulses, the pantry protagonists - Recipes with beans, chickpeas, and lentils

Vegetable ragù - Weekend Cooking Project

Onion strudel - A recipe from a Mediterranean pantry

Pici, Tuscan fresh pasta - The Tuscan hand pulled fresh pasta you can make with flour and water.

Pasta alla puttanesca - is a hymn to pantry staples, a punchy pasta dish that you can whip up in less than 20 minutes, while you’re cooking your spaghetti. (LFT+)

Florentine rice fritters - A Tuscan pantry sweet treat to celebrate Fat Thursday (LFT+)

Theme: Comfort Food

Talking about comfort food - Open thread for paid subscribers only

Pasta with lentils - Weekend Cooking Project

Butternut Squash and Ricotta Crêpes - or the comfort of having someone cooking for you

Leek and Potato Purée with Pancetta - (LFT+)

Chicken and potato meatballs - Weekend Cooking Project (free content)

Ciaccino, ham and mozzarella stuffed thin focaccia from Siena - (LFT+)

Olive oil apple cake - The timeless comfort of an apple cake

Amaretti tart with pastry cream - (LFT+)

Theme: Querceto di Castellina

Beef tenderloin with cherry sauce - If you want to cook beef tenderloin, follow my mum's advice and serve it with cherry sauce for a summer dinner in the garden. (LFT+)

Pasta alla Norma - A seasonal Sicilian dish made with fried eggplants, a rich tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves and a dusting of ricotta salata. (LFT+)

Shrimp and wild fennel pesto tagliolini - The beginning of summer is the perfect moment to make wild fennel pesto. (LFT+)

Two recipes for an Italian aperitivo - Make a slow-roasted tomato and stracciatella crostone and a beetroot and walnut carpaccio. (LFT+)