My recipe for a ham and mozzarella stuffed thin focaccia from Siena
My mum's polpettine di pollo e patate, chicken and potato meatballs
Leek and Potato Purée with Pancetta
... or the comfort of having someone cooking for you
All about comfort foodWe decided to choose a monthly theme for our newsletter, just like in a cookery magazine. January will be dedicated to comfort food. We all know…
I’m beginning with a wholesome, affordable comfort food that will also help you finish that little bag of lentils you bought to have good fortune – and…
Stay safe, close to your loved ones, enjoy small pleasures as a hot chocolate on a cold afternoon, or a thick slice of panettone.
Are you ready for the new year? Are you ready for the new year? What would you bring with you? What would you leave behind? I’m ready for a fresh start, and to leave behind big…
We're back with a special Christmas episode of our podcast, Cooking with an Italian Accent!
That of pittule is a very soft dough, actually more similar to a leavened batter, enriched with the most Mediterranean ingredients you can imagine.
Celebrating Christmas and the deep connection to Nature and to ancient rituals
Panforte is the Sienese Christmas fruit and nut cake. I'm sharing my perfect recipe to make an outstanding panforte from scratch.