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Seasonal Tuscan home food at its best!

I am Giulia Scarpaleggia, a Tuscan-born and -bred food writer, cookbook author, recipe developer, and cooking class instructor.

I started from a deeply rooted passion for simple, traditional Tuscan food which turned into my blog, Juls’ Kitchen (, in 2009. I teach Tuscan cooking classes and maintain a blog, a newsletter (this one!), and a podcast called Cooking with an Italian Accent.

I am a proud home cook: I learned to cook from my grandmother and my mother, and, as a cookbook lover, from cookbooks. I am passionate about seasonal, nourishing, uncomplicated food.

I work with my husband Tommaso Galli, who’s the head taster, photographer, video maker, and podcast producer. Juls’ Kitchen is our family project.

We live in our family house in the Tuscan countryside with our daughter Livia and our two rescue dogs, Noa and Teo.

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I’ve been writing a blog since 2009 and sending newsletters since 2012. Now you can find me mainly here on Substack, where we share our best writing and recipes, and where we’re nourishing a community of food lovers.

The free weekly newsletter is where I share glimpses of our daily life in the Tuscan countryside, travel tips and cookbook talks, recipes and menu ideas from our gatherings with friends and our cooking classes, and foodie guides to the lesser-known parts of Tuscany. Here you can find an index of all the recipes we’ve published so far.

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Stories and recipes from my kitchen in Tuscany | Seasonal, uncomplicated, nourishing vegetable-forward food by Tuscan food writer and cookbook author Giulia Scarpaleggia


Born and bred Tuscan food writer and cookbook author, cooking class instructor. I live in the Tuscan countryside with my family. Our sixth cookbook, Cucina Povera, is out now.
Photographer and Juls' Kitchen partner-in-crime. I live in the Tuscan countryside with my family. I love Street & Food photography, Lego, and day-trips. Our sixth cookbook, Cucina Povera, will be out in April '23.