Sitemap - 2021 - Letters from Tuscany

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Are you ready for the new year?

Traditional Tuscan sweet treats

2x05 - All about the traditional Tuscan sweet treats [Christmas Special]

Pittule Salentine, fried dough balls from Salento

How to turn your Swiss roll into a festive Yule Log

Are you up for a challenge? Let's make the Sienese panforte from scratch

Vegetable ragù, a pantry staple

Mangiare in bianco

Holidays and conviviality

Let's talk cookbooks

Brotsuppe, Bavarian bread soup for the Oktoberfest

Chestnut Risotto

Butternut squash pizzette

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Welcome, November. Braised cabbage with sausages + links

Focaccine with white button mushrooms and taleggio cheese

Pan co’ Santi, a Tuscan walnut and raisin bread for All Saints’ Day

A seasonal crostata di frutta fresca

Let's bake a Butternut Squash Cake

Torta caprese

Chestnut flour tagliatelle with porcini and sausages

Welcome, October. Fried green tomatoes + links

What if we add mussels to a bean and pasta soup?

A frittata will save your dinner

Chicken cacciatore

Autumn cooking and baking

Let's bake a grape focaccia

Buckwheat cake from Alto Adige

Weekend cooking project: all about green tomatoes

Torta di verdure coi becchi - a [sweet] Swiss Chard Tart

Welcome, September. An Italian rice salad + links

Baking an Italian birthday cake for our one year old Livia

Weekend cooking project. Chilled peaches in wine

2x04 - Life in Salento: in conversation with Nina Gigante

Weekend cooking project: cooking during the heatwave

2x03 - Trentino and mountain life: in conversation with Vea Carpi of Mas del Saro

Welcome August - a peach jam + links

2x02 - Liguria e Cinque Terre: in conversation with Enrica Monzani of A small kitchen in Genoa

Mozzarella in carrozza

Pear Almond Cake to celebrate my 40th birthday

2x01 - Let's celebrate: Happy (40th) Birthday Giulia!

Biancomangiare, a Sicilian almond milk pudding with caramelised peaches

Weekend cooking project: Caldaro dell’Argentario, a Tuscan fish soup

Salento and Matera, our foodie guide

Weekend cooking project: stuffed eggplants

A Sicilian recipe for swordfish

Weekend cooking project: tomato and mozzarella lasagne

On fresh ricotta and a recipe to enjoy it during the summer.

Welcome July

Beef tenderloin with cherry sauce.

Weekend cooking project. Panzanella

Pasta alla Norma. A Sicilian dish for the summer

Weekend baking project. Mead and peach cake

Shrimp and wild fennel pesto tagliolini

Weekend baking project. Italian croissants

Two recipes for an Italian aperitivo

Welcome June

Torta salata with zucchini and ricotta

Weekend cooking project. Tuscan rice tartlets

Zuccotto, a traditional semifreddo dessert from the city of Florence

Weekend cooking project. A Tuscan panino

EP46 - A celebration of Spring in a Tuscan kitchen

Theory and techniques of involtini

Weekend cooking project. Pea soup

Anchovies two ways

Welcome May

Seppie in zimino, a Tuscan chard and cuttlefish stew.

Weekend cooking project. Artichoke bread pudding from Puglia

Spring lasagne

The weekend cooking project: warm Spring vegetable salad

On meatballs. Beef, sausage, and asparagus meatballs

On Fava beans and ciambellone

Welcome April

A Tuscan Easter menu and a fish recipe for Good Friday.

Asparagus and ricotta crespelle for Easter

Porchetta - A beloved street food

EP45 - How to maintain a long-term relationship with your blog

A yoghurt pound cake for breakfast

Two recipes from the Italian South

EP44 - On risotto

On squid ink

Seafood risotto. Let your senses guide you

Welcome March

An Italian late winter meal

Bitter leaves

Welcome February

A tiramisu cake to celebrate

Herb-laminated tagliatelle. My 2021 word is create.

Ossobuco alla fiorentina.

Welcome January