Sitemap - 2022 - Letters from Tuscany

Meet Cucina Povera, our new cookbook

Cavallucci Senesi - Sienese Christmas Walnut Cookies

December Cook-Along and Live Talk

A (mostly) Tuscan Christmas menu

L'arista alla fiorentina – Florentine style pork loin

Christmas Menu Thread

Spinach and ricotta gnudi

What are we reading for the holidays?

Torta di cachi - Persimmon cake

Q&A with Emanuela Regi. Other people's pantries

Cauliflower flan - Lo sformato di cavolfiore

We are (dreaming of) renovating our home kitchen

Q&A: Other people's pantries.

November Cook-Along and Live Talk

Tortelli Mugellani

Every Day is Pasta Day?

Not the usual Sunday postcard

Fettunta, the Tuscan bruschetta with olive oil

Gabriella’s Ricotta Ravioli

A Postcard from salt mines in Volterra

Chestnut flour and chocolate biscotti

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A Postcard from La Perla del Mare

La frittata di zucca | Squash frittata

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Valentina Raffaelli

A Postcard from the Woods

October Cook Along. The ingredients and the link!

Dried porcini mushroom risotto

A postcard from The Uffizi Gallery

Sausage and stracchino crostoni | Crostoni salsiccia e stracchino

I love Toscana, ten years later

A postcard from San Vincenzo

Poached pears with mascarpone pastry cream


A postcard from Volterra

Tagliatelle with dried porcini and a seasonal pesto

A postcard full of grapes

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Manuela Conti

Anatomy of a bread salad

A postcard in the moonlight

The last summer recipe: gelo di cantalupo

A postcard from a vineyard in Chianti

Prosciutto and Melon Panzanella

Q&A for a new beginning

Tomato varieties in a Tuscan market

A (video) postcard from a balcony in Tuscany

Parmigiano Reggiano, one of the first examples of the Made in Italy brand

A postcard from a sunflower field

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Rossella Venezia

A postcard from a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy farm

Sfogliatine alla confettura, the Italian jam puffs

A postcard from Lucca

Baked stuffed squash blossoms

A postcard from Porto Cesareo

Squash blossom risotto

A postcard from Lecce

Out of office: we’re in Salento

A postcard from Piazza Duomo, Florence

Vegetables, the Italian way

Zucchini cacio e pepe sauce for pasta

A postcard from Bivigliano

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Myriam Sabolla

Postcards from Tuscany

Let's go to Valle d'Itria, Apulia

Trimming baby artichokes with Livia and nonna

Asparagus and ricotta tortelli

May cooking class menu

Strawberry biancomangiare

Something about the next recipes...

Nut biscotti

The past month in my Tuscan kitchen

Rigatoni alla buttera

Recipe Index

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Enrica Monzani

Letters from Tuscany Live Talk and Cook Along

On making jam on a busy day

Being a tourist at home

What makes you feel good in the kitchen?

Garmugia, the greenest Tuscan soup for spring

A walk in Siena

Letters from Tuscany Live Talk

Welcome April

An Early Spring menu

Green olive and fennel pollen semolina bread

Smoked carrot hummus

Vanilla bean seeds and a good panna cotta

Butterflies for Spring

The same old tortelli, but with something unusual

On beets and purple fresh pasta

[Fresh Pasta] Open Thread

Welcome March

On courage, resistance, and every day life

[RECIPE] Frittelle di riso fiorentine – Florentine rice fritters

[Pantry] Pici, tuscan fresh pasta

Other people's pantries. Q&A with Vea Carpi

[Pantry] Onion strudel

My Love Letter to the Pantry ❤️

[Pantry] Pulses, the pantry protagonists

[Pantry] Pasta alla puttanesca

Welcome, February

[Pantry] Your must-have ingredient

The comfort of baking. Well, most of the times!

Comfort me with apples

Ciaccino, or the food that gives you comfort when you make it

Comfort food as childhood memories

Comfort food in a bowl

Butternut Squash and Ricotta Crêpes

All about comfort food

Welcome 2022. On being ahead, and a comforting pasta with lentils