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REPLAY! Three recipes for an Italian Aperitivo

Torta di ceci from Livorno, a chickpea flour cake; a punchy tomato sauce from Garfagnana; muffins with the ingredients of a Spring Tuscan picnic.

On Sunday, we cooked together three recipes for an Italian Aperitivo:

If the initial idea was to give you three recipes for an Italian aperitivo, something to make with ingredients you already have in your pantry (or if you don’t have them, you should definitely think about stocking your pantry with them!), I realized these three recipes are also great for the traditional Easter Monday picnic, as you can make them in advance and stash them in your basket.

Speaking of Easter Monday, read

’s latest post about Gite Fuori Porta, the tradition of the Easter Monday in Italy.

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And here you can find the recipes from the Cook Along:

Watch the replays of the past cook alongs:

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