[Pantry] Your must-have ingredientI’m a pantry enthusiast, so I’m super excited to introduce you to February’s theme: the pantry! We’ll delve into recipes made with pantry staple…
Postcards is a return to the essentials, to the slowness of a traditional media, of being surprised again when you receive an unexpected message.
Plus the story of a marble table that has been in my family since the 1940s
Ciliegini, datterini, Costoluti Fiorentini, cuore di bue, Canestrini, San Marzano: all the tomato varieties, and the most delicious recipes you can make…
A collection of links, cookbooks, and newsletters for all the pasta lovers out there
We'll be making zuppa inglese, a Tuscan traditional trifle, but you can just join for a chat or pop in to say ciao!
Meet our new cookbook, Cucina Povera | Preorder Announcement | How the idea of Cucina Povera was born.
Tuscan and less Tuscan recipes to celebrate Christmas and all the info to join the December Cook Along
My recipe for a ham and mozzarella stuffed thin focaccia from Siena
These stuffed squash blossoms have a moist, intensely aromatic filling, and a golden brown, crisp crust. You won't miss the fried ones!
For the first 12 years of my life, I lived in a small village in the hills just a 25-minute drive from the centre of Florence: Bivigliano.
If I could live in a different place, it would surely be the city of Lucca.