[Pantry] Your must-have ingredientI’m a pantry enthusiast, so I’m super excited to introduce you to February’s theme: the pantry! We’ll delve into recipes made with pantry staple…
My recipe for a ham and mozzarella stuffed thin focaccia from Siena
A lovely restaurant in Colle Val d'Elsa | A day trip to Pienza | A rice pudding cake from Massa and Carrara for the Italian Liberation Day
Vea is a mountain farmer and a cook, she lives in a mountain farm in the Italian Alps where she has an agritourism with her family.
Leek and Potato Purée with Pancetta
Pasta alla puttanesca is a hymn to pantry staples, a punchy pasta dish that you can whip up in less than 20 minutes, while you’re cooking your…
An end of season pear and rosemary jam | an early strawberry jam
This recipe is an hymn to Autumn, sweet, creamy, and smoky, a chestnut risotto with taleggio and crisp guanciale.
I decided to open December not with a Christmas recipe, but with this smart pantry staple, a vegetable ragù that can save busy parents, but actually all…
Her cooking classes in Genoa, Liguria | An all around pantry and her love for fresh herbs| A recipe for pasta with anchovies | Enrica's limoncino
Make it even more verdant with a stock made with pea and fava bean pods, asparagus stalks, and the green part of a spring onion.
A letter with 10 recipes to cook this month, and an insight on what I'm reading, watching, listening to, and cooking right now.