Hello and welcome!

I am Giulia Scarpaleggia, a Tuscan born and bred food writer, cookbook author, food photographer and cooking class instructor.

I started from a deeply rooted passion for my food and heritage which turned into my blog, Juls’ Kitchen (www.julskitchen.com), in 2009.

Since then my work has appeared on Food52, The Simple Things, JamieOliver.com, The Huffington Post, Great British Chefs, Great Italian Chefs, Manfrotto Imagine and more, What women Cook, BBC Good Food, Corriere della Sera, The Epoch Times, etc.

I teach Tuscan cooking classes and maintain a blog, a newsletter (this one!), and a podcast in English called Cooking with an Italian Accent. Furthermore, I also consult and work for food brands and magazines to develop recipes. 

I am not a trained chef, I learned to cook from my grandmother and my mother, and, as a cookbook lover, from cookbooks.

At the moment I'm working on my 6th cookbook that will be published by Artisan Books.

I work with my husband Tommaso, who’s the head taster, photographer, video maker, and podcast producer. Juls’ Kitchen is our family project.

We live in Tuscany, with our daughter Livia and our two rescued dogs, Noa and Teo.

How does it work?

I’ve been sending newsletters since 2012, as I find this is the best way, along with the blog, to share valuable content and build a meaningful relationship with you.

The free newsletter is where I share recipes and menu ideas from our gatherings with friends and our cooking classes, foodie guides to the lesser-known parts of Tuscany, glimpses of our daily life in the Tuscan countryside, travel tips and cookbook talks. Here you can find an index of all the recipes we’ve published so far. You will discover Italian classics, weeknight ideas with an Italian flair, and reliable dishes to add to your cooking repertoire.

When you join our subscription-based newsletter, you are actively contributing to the making of Letters from Tuscany.

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At the monthly cost of a gelato with double whipped cream, or at the annual cost of a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil, you can support our own independent publication directly.

Letters from Tuscany is an anchor to Italy, to the Italian table and our loud conviviality, a reason to experiment with less known ingredients, and the voice of a friend in the kitchen.

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