Jan 8, 2022Liked by Giulia Scarpaleggia

I took your advice last year and my word was “acceptance”. Which has more to do

with letting go of the need to control or change people or situations to meet my expectations. This year my word is “Emmanuel” which means God with us. I read scripture and journal daily and have much to be thankful for. I place my trust in God, as he has a plan for me and he will guide me along the way. No matter our personal or worldly situation, God has this. He is with us.

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Jan 7, 2022Liked by Giulia Scarpaleggia

I started choosing a word four years ago. This year my word is "Grateful" Everyday I remind myself and let god know what I am grateful for. I love it when my word finds me and it just makes me smile.

May your year be filled with many blessings and lots of smiles.

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