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Ciao Giulia, Just wanted to let you know that I asked my local library to buy your book and they have ordered 25 copies. Just waiting for it to come in so I can enjoy it.

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I just received my book ! So excited to start using it!

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What wonderful recipes for Easter. I will have to give the pan di ramerino a try.

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Magnets on a fridge is the perfect way to describe this type of post. Thank you for the kind mention of my Easter menu. Wishing you and the family a happy and relaxing Easter and all the best with your upcoming book events. So exciting! xo

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Dear Juls - I received my pre-ordered copy of Cucina Povera yesterday! What a beautiful cookbook! Congratulations to you for your dedication at producing your masterpiece! Kudos to the photographer as well! I will have all Easter weekend to peruse at leisure, as my distant family celebrated spring last weekend together. I intend to make the Pan di ramerino today to share with my neighbors. Buona Pasqua and grazie!

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As I write this post, I am baking my mother's recipe for Easter Bread. It is a sweet variety similar to Challah but denser. My extended family absolutely loves this bread. My sister and I are carrying on

the family traditions.

Tomorrow we'll be making Pizza Gaena/Rustica. It's a filled pie with eggs, cheese and we use dry sausage or sweet sopressata. Because tomorrow is Good Friday, I always make one pie without meat

so we can have one for lunch with a salad.

We only make these Easter offerings at Easter and it's such a welcome treat.

Wishing you all the joys of Spring, Easter and Passover.

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