[Fresh Pasta] Open Thread

Have your eggs ready, and prepare your flour, too. Dust off your wooden board, your rolling pin, and your pasta machine.

March is dedicated to fresh pasta!

Not every kind of fresh pasta, but colourful fresh pasta, either made with spinach in the dough, as to turn it into green silk, or with delicate fresh herb leaves to laminate it into a refined fabric.

My question for you is simple: which is your favourite [colourful] fresh pasta?

Share it in the comments, I’m really curious to hear all your favourite recipes!


I’m so in awe by the movement #Cookforukraine, co-founded by @alissatimoshkina @oliahercules and @clerkenwellboyec1, providing aid to children in Ukraine.

Tomorrow at 6.30PM CET I’ll be live on Instagram with @Saraporro, Lucia @Frollemente and Gigi @Sorellepassera to cook a recipe from @oliahercules Summer Kitchens. We will raise money for Unicef in Ukraine. I hope to see you there!