A guest post by Meryl Feinstein, aka Pasta Social Club | a wholesome and hearty meal full of childhood memories
We'll be making zuppa inglese, a Tuscan traditional trifle, but you can just join for a chat or pop in to say ciao!
Failing big, failing often, to improve as a home cook.
Farro has a lovely chewy texture, it’s nutty and hearty, and makes a comforting, easy soup when paired with beans and some basic aromatics.
Welcome to the Letters from Tuscany community. Please introduce yourself here and share your story!We’re slowly getting back into our routine rhythms with this newsletter after a couple of weeks of more random posts. As there are so many new m…
The new year and the absence of resolutions | A new cookbook crush: Via Carota | A new recipe: ricotta cheesecake with dark chocolate hazelnut spread
Meet the cavallucci, the most unusual Christmas cookies, round and rustic, lightly flattened on the ends, floury and a bit lumpy.
We'll be making ricciarelli and have a little Christmas Party, and you can just join for a chat or pop in to say ciao!
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