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Fresh and zesty, this is a spring pasta dish that I prepared often during the asparagus season.
Conviviality and what I’ve been missing in the past two years without cooking classes | Tuscan fried chicken | Biancomangiare, a Sicilian strawberry…
A Sicilian pudding, its short ingredient list gives away its uncomplicated nature
Something about the next recipes...Yesterday we had so much fun baking almond biscotti together, so mark you calendar as we will be baking again together on Sunday, the 19th of Ju…
Our May Cook Along recipe
Spring and the countryside smells | A recap of what I’ve been cooking lately | Peas risotto | Kohlrabi pasta | Sautéed chard with cherry tomatoes | Pork…
A rustic, hearty pasta dish from Maremma, with a meat sauce made with pancetta, prosciutto and sausage
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